Madagascar Work Visa

With its stable economy and growing sectors like tourism, textiles, and mining, Madagascar offers promising career opportunities. To work here, you'll need a Madagascar work visa, a crucial step for anyone looking to secure employment in this vibrant country. This guide simplifies the application process, outlines essential requirements, and addresses frequently asked questions.

What is a Madagascar Work Visa?

A Madagascar work visa is a type of visa specifically issued to foreigners who intend to work in Madagascar. It permits them to enter and remain lawfully in the nation to pursue employment. To obtain this Madagascar visa, applicants usually need to provide proof of a job offer or contract from a company in Madagascar, among other requirements.

Who is eligible for Madagascar Work Visa?

Securing a work visa is crucial for those seeking a professional journey in Madagascar. Eligibility extends primarily to two groups: Foreigners with a job offer in Madagascar and Entrepreneurs. Eligibility for a Madagascar work visa includes the following criteria:

  • Foreigners with a job offer in Madagascar: This is the most common scenario. Your employer can sponsor your work visa application if you have secured a job with a Malagasy company.
  • Entrepreneurs: If you plan to establish a business in Madagascar, you might be eligible for a work visa under the investor category. However, you'll likely need to fulfil specific requirements related to your investment.

There might be other niche categories depending on the Malagasy government's needs, but these are the main ones.

Essential Documentation for Madagascar Work Visa

Securing a work visa for Madagascar requires gathering essential documents to comply with the local immigration policies and employment laws. These documents verify the employer's legitimacy and the employee's eligibility to work within the country.

  • Employment Contract: The Ministry of Public Service, Labour Administration Reform, and Social Laws (MFPTLS) must approve your contract in order to verify the specifics of the position, such as the pay and length of employment.
  • Work Permit: Issued by the MFPTLS, this confirms you're authorised to work in Madagascar.
  • Company Registration: A certificate from the Registrar of Companies confirming the employer's legal status in Madagascar.
  • Tax Records: The employer's Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Madagascar.
  • Employee Documentation: Including recent passport-sized photos, a valid passport (with at least one year's validity), a filled application form, a clean criminal record certificate, required vaccinations, a letter of intent, and payment of visa fees.

What is a Work Permit?

A Madagascar Work Permit is a required document issued by the government allowing foreigners to work in Madagascar legally. It is acquired following the approval of the Ministry of Public Service, Labour Administration Reform, and Social Laws of an Employment Contract (MFPTLS). Before applying for a work visa, this permit is essential to ensure the holder meets all legal employment criteria in Madagascar.

Madagascar Work Visa Application Process

The Madagascar Work Visa application process begins with securing a job offer from a local employer. It progresses through several stages, including document collection, visa interviews, and applying for a residency permit upon arrival.

  • Secure a Job Offer: The journey starts with a job offer from a Madagascar employer, leading to an official employment contract.
  • Collect Necessary Documents: Gather all required documents listed above. Start early to avoid delays and ensure you meet any deadlines set by your employer.
  • Schedule and Attend a Visa Interview: Book an interview at the Madagascar embassy in your country, bringing all your documents and the visa fee. Answer any questions about your planned employment truthfully.
  • Apply for a Residency Permit: Upon arrival, you'll need to apply for a residency permit to extend your stay beyond the one-month validity of the work visa. This involves submitting additional documents to immigration officials in Madagascar.

How much does a Madagascar Work Visa cost?

The Madagascar Immigration office determines the cost of a Work Visa, which may vary depending on factors such as the visa category, the duration of stay, and any additional processing fees. For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding visa costs, it's suggested that you contact the Madagascar Immigration office or visit their website directly. 

Validity Period of Madagascar Work Visa

In Madagascar, Work visa is categorised into two main types: non-immigrant visas and transformable visas. Non-immigrant visas are designed for temporary stays of up to 90 days and may permit single or multiple entries, ranging from one to three times. On the other hand, transformable visas are issued for a shorter duration of 30 days by a Malagasy embassy or consulate. 

The unique feature of transformable visas is that they allow the bearer to apply for a long-term visa after arriving in Madagascar, facilitating a transition to a more extended stay.

Can I Renew my Madagascar Work Visa?

Renewing your Madagascar work visa is essential for continuing your employment within the country. Whether your visa is nearing its expiry or you're planning ahead, understanding the renewal process is crucial. To renew a work visa in Madagascar, follow these streamlined steps:

  • Check Visa Expiry: Start the renewal process before your current visa expires.
  • Employment Documentation: Obtain a letter from your employer confirming your continued employment in Madagascar.
  • Prepare Documents: You'll need your passport, application form, recent photos, employer letter, proof of accommodation, financial evidence, and valid health insurance.
  • Health and Background Checks: If required, obtain up-to-date health checks and police clearance.
  • Submit Application: Apply for renewal through the Ministry of Interior or a designated centre, possibly online.
  • Pay Fees: The renewal fee varies by visa type and duration.
  • Processing Time: Stand by while your application is processed, providing extra information if asked.
  • Collect Visa: Once approved, you'll be informed about how to collect your new visa.

Madagascar Local Employment Laws and Worker Rights

Madagascar's local employment laws and worker rights are designed to protect employees and regulate the relationship between workers and employers within the country. These laws include minimum wage, working hours, employment contracts, health and safety standards, and anti-discrimination measures. Here's an overview of some critical areas:

Key Rights of Workers

  • Standard Workweek: 40 hours with overtime compensation.
  • Minimum Wage: Sector-specific minimum wage ensures fair payment.
  • Workplace Safety: Employers are obligated to offer the necessary training.
  • Employment Contracts: Detail job roles, salary, work hours, and termination terms. Understanding these is crucial.
  • Termination Guidelines: Laws outline notice periods and severance entitlements.

Social Security Benefits: Includes pension, health insurance, and family allowances. Foreign workers must register to receive these benefits.

Frequently asked questions

No, a job offer from a recognised Malagasy company is required to obtain a work visa. Entrepreneurs planning to start a business may apply under a different category, provided they meet specific investment criteria.

Family members wishing to accompany you may need to apply for their respective visas, such as a dependent or visitor visa. The requirements and application process may differ, so consult the Madagascar Immigration Office for detailed information.

If your employment situation changes, notify the Madagascar Immigration office immediately. You may need to apply for a new work visa based on your new employment or adjust your visa status accordingly.

Yes, work visas can typically be extended. You should apply for an extension well before your visa expires and provide any required documentation, including proof of ongoing employment.

The specific investment threshold for entrepreneurs to qualify for a work visa can vary. It's important to consult directly with the Madagascar Immigration office or the Ministry of Public Service, Labor Administration Reform, and Social Laws (MFPTLS) for current requirements.

Non-immigrant visas are intended for temporary stays of up to 90 days and can be single or multiple entry. Transformable visas, valid for 30 days, allow holders to apply for a long-term visa after arriving in Madagascar, suitable for those intending to stay longer.