Madagascar Visa Eligibility

Madagascar visa eligibility criteria determine who can enter this unique island nation, renowned for its rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. Whether planning a short holiday, a business trip or considering a more extended stay, understanding these criteria is the first step in your travel preparations.

Madagascar offers various visa options, including an easily accessible e-visa for tourists from multiple countries and territories. However, certain nationalities may need to apply for a traditional visa at a Madagascar embassy or consulate. This guide aims to clarify the eligibility requirements for a Madagascar visa, ensuring travellers are well-informed and prepared for their upcoming adventure.

Electronic Visa for Madagascar

The Electronic Visa (e-Visa) for Madagascar is a digital travel authorisation that simplifies obtaining permission to enter this spectacular island nation known for its unique wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. This system is designed for convenience, allowing travellers to apply for and secure a visa anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the internet.

Key Features of the Madagascar e-Visa

The Madagascar e-Visa offers a streamlined application process. It allows travellers to easily apply online and receive their visa via email, significantly reducing processing times and the chance of losing important documents. This efficient and secure system simplifies exploring Madagascar's unique landscapes and biodiversity.

  • Online Application: Applicants can complete their Madagascar visa applications and submit the necessary documents through a dedicated online platform.
  • Quick Processing: The e-visa process is notably faster than traditional visa applications, with most applications processed within a few days.
  • Digital Delivery: Upon approval, the applicant receives an e-visa straight to their email, doing away with the need for paper documentation and lowering the possibility of misplaced paperwork.

Who is eligible for Madagascar E-visa?

Indeed, as per Madagascar's current visa regulations, most foreign nations' citizens are qualified to apply for an e-visa. This streamlined electronic application process eliminates the need for a physical embassy visit. However, there are a few exceptions. Citizens of Palestine and Burundi currently need to be eligible for Madagascar e-visas and should pursue a traditional visa application through a Malagasy embassy or consulate. Here, you can check your nationality and whether it is eligible for a Madagascar visa or not:

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Traditional Visa for Madagascar

A "Madagascar Traditional Visa" typically refers to a standard entry visa required for foreign nationals who wish to visit Madagascar for various non-diplomatic reasons, including tourism, business, or visiting family and friends. Unlike e-visas or visas on arrival, which have become more common due to their convenience, traditional visas are obtained before travel from a Malagasy embassy or consulate in the applicant's home country or region.

Key Features of a Madagascar Traditional Visa

A traditional Madagascar visa is your entry ticket, encompassing various key features to ensure a smooth travel experience. From the initial application process, which involves submitting a range of essential documents, to understanding the processing time and the possibility of extending your stay, each aspect of obtaining a traditional visa is geared towards facilitating your travel plans while adhering to Madagascar's immigration regulations.

  • The Application Procedure: Applicants must bring their visa applicationand the required documentation in person or by mail to the nearest Malagasy diplomatic mission.
  • Processing Time: The duration of processing for a traditional visa might vary, usually ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks. Applicants are advised to apply well prior to the day of their intended trip to account for any unforeseen delays.
  • Extensions: If a more extended stay in Madagascar is desired or necessary, visa extensions can be requested and processed within the country through the appropriate immigration authorities, subject to specific requirements and conditions.

Who is Eligible for a Madagascar Traditional Visa?

Eligibility for a traditional visa in Madagascar typically depends on a number of variables, including the nationality of the individual applying and the reason for their trip. Here are the general criteria that determine eligibility for a traditional visa to Madagascar:

  • Nationality: Citizens from countries that do not have a visa exemption agreement with Madagascar are required to obtain a visa before arrival. The list of nations that require a visa can change, so it's advisable to check the latest information from Madagascar's immigration authorities or the nearest Malagasy embassy or consulate.
  • Purpose of Visit: Madagascar offers different types of traditional visas for various purposes, such as tourism, business, study, work, and family visits. Applicants must choose the type of visa that corresponds with the primary reason for their visit.

Madagascar Traditional Visa Eligible country list

Understanding Madagascar's visa requirements is crucial for international travelers. The list below identifies countries where nationals need a traditional visa before visiting Madagascar. This requirement applies to those travelling for tourism, business, or other reasons, ensuring all travellers are prepared for their journey to experience Madagascar's rich culture and stunning landscapes.

Compares the Madagascar E-Visa with the traditional visa process to help clarify the differences and similarities


Madagascar E-Visa

Madagascar Traditional Visa

Application Process

Entirely online through the e-visa platform.

Application submitted physically at an embassy, consulate, or upon arrival.


Highly convenient, as it can be done from anywhere with internet access.

It requires visiting an embassy or consulate or handling paperwork upon arrival.

Processing Time

Quick processing, typically within days.

Depending on the embassy's workload or on-arrival queues, it can vary and may take longer.


Digital copies of documents are uploaded online.

Physical documents must be presented or mailed.


Fees are paid online via credit or debit card.

Fees are paid in cash or card, depending on the location and available facilities.

Visa Collection

Visa is received electronically via email.

A physical visa sticker or stamp is placed on the passport.


Available to nationals of countries eligible for e-visa application.

Generally available to all nationalities, subject to Madagascar's visa policy.


Primarily for tourism, business, and transit.

Covers a broader range of visa types, including longer-term stays and specific purposes like work or study.

Flexibility in Entry

Must enter Madagascar within the validity period specified in the e-visa.

Some traditional visas offer more flexibility in terms of validity and entries.

Application Location

No need to be in your home country to apply.

Often, it requires an application from your country of residence or nationality.

Madagascar Visa Policy Overview

Madagascar's visa policy outlines the criteria and requirements for foreign nationals seeking entry into this African island nation. The necessity for a visa and the specific type of visa required hinges on several factors: the traveller's nationality, as indicated by their passport; the duration of their intended stay in Madagascar; and the purpose behind their visit.

For most travellers, Madagascar offers the convenience of applying for a visa online through an eVisa system. This streamlined, digital approach simplifies obtaining entry permission, making it faster and more accessible.

However, individuals from certain countries must apply for their visa by visiting a Madagascar embassy or consulate, typically in significant international cities.

Furthermore, those intending to relocate to Madagascar must secure the appropriate long-term visas and permits through an embassy before their move. This category includes immigrant visas, work visas, and a residence permit that can be acquired once within Madagascar's borders.

Currently, nationals from one specific country are barred from receiving any form of visa to enter Madagascar, as stipulated by the national visa policy, thus preventing their entry entirely.

Frequently asked questions

Tourists from eligible nations can obtain an e-visa to enter Madagascar. Eligibility is based on nationality; a list of eligible countries is provided on the e-Visa website.

Yes, business travellers eligible for an e-Visa need to provide relevant documents, including details of business activities in Madagascar.

For long-term stays or other purposes, apply for a traditional visa at a Madagascar embassy or consulate, which may require additional documentation.

If denied, review the application for errors and reapply or consider contacting the embassy for a traditional visa.