Visa Application Status

Welcome to the E-visa application status, a simple solution for checking the status of your Madagascar Visa application. In just a few steps, you can determine if your application is pending, approved, or declined.

How to Check Your Status:

Navigating the application status form is easy. Ensure all information is complete and accurate to avoid errors.

  • Application ID: Enter the reference number you received after applying.
  • Passport Number: Input your passport number exactly as it appears in your passport, without spaces.
  • CAPTCHA: Complete the CAPTCHA challenge to verify your identity and prevent automated submissions.

Click the 'Check Status' button to get the latest eVisa application update instantly. This tool provides a hassle-free way to stay informed about your Madagascar eVisa status.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Your Application ID is the reference number you received in the confirmation email after submitting your eVisa application.

If you entered an incorrect passport number, please contact our support team immediately for assistance. It's crucial to provide the correct information to avoid any delays or issues with your application.

If you lose your Application ID, check your email for the confirmation message sent after your application submission. If you still cannot find it, contact our support team for help.

The processing time for eVisa applications can vary. Typically, it takes a few business days, but it's recommended to apply well in advance of your planned travel date.

Each application status must be checked individually using its unique Application ID and corresponding passport number.

If your application status remains 'pending' for an extended period, please contact our support team for further assistance and updates on your application.

Pending: Your application is incomplete, or you have not provided any required information, document, or payment.
Process: Your application has been submitted and is under review.
Approved: Your eVisa application has been approved and sent to your registered email.
Declined: Your eVisa application has been declined. You may contact support for more information on the reasons and possible next steps.

For any additional questions or assistance with your eVisa application, please reach out to our support team via the contact details provided on our website.

If your application is declined, you may reapply or contact the support team for more information on why your application was declined and what steps you can take next.